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DZ-600/4SB Vacuum Packaging Machine

DZ-600/4SB Vacuum Packaging Machine

DZ-600/4SB Vacuum Packaging Machine...
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Performance Characteristics
DZ-600/4S double chamber vacuum packaging machine adopts 4 seal structure, the vacuum chamber is relatively large, the maximum sealing line length is 600mm, all stainless steel material, the vacuum chamber is ultra thick 304 stainless steel plate, the thickness reaches 4mm, long-term use does not deform, Without leakage, the packaged product can effectively maintain the preservation, quality, moisture, mildew, rust, pollution, oxidation and vacuum sterilization, thus extending the shelf life.
Product advantages
1. Vacuum pump can be used in Germany BUSCH vacuum pump. It is the best vacuum pump in the food vacuum packaging machine industry. It can be used continuously for a long time, and there are Shanghai pump and second vacuum pump.
2. All is made of 304 stainless steel, the studio and countertops use 304 stainless steel with excellent stainless corrosion resistance and good resistance to intergranular corrosion. The thickness is 4mm. The long-term use does not deform or leak, which meets the national sanitary requirements.
3. Four-pack packaging machine, suitable for small bag packaging, the efficiency is increased by 1 time.
4. Fully automatic and semi-automatic can be switched, the operation is simple and convenient, the sealing efficiency is high, up to 180 times an hour.
5. The maximum sealing length is 600mm, and the two heating strips are arranged neatly and symmetrical, and the sealing effect is better. The composite film of aluminum foil and plastic film can be heat-sealed, which can effectively protect the fresh, quality, moisture, mildew, and prevent Rust, anti-pollution, anti-oxidation and vacuum sterilization to extend the shelf life.
6. The operating system is fully sealed, the whole machine can be washed with water.
7. The vacuum chamber has good sealing performance, and the minimum absolute pressure can reach 1.3332KPa.
8. The appearance design is beautiful and the structure is reasonable. The performance of the whole machine has surpassed that of similar foreign products and is in the leading position in the world.
Scope of Application
Meat, poultry products, aquatic products, agricultural products, pickles, fast food, conditioning foods, powders, spices, electronics, hardware parts, pharmaceuticals, and other small, solid, powder, semi-fluid industry.

The main technical parameters

Vacuum Chamber Size(mm) 720×620×125mm
Sealing Size 600×10mm / 4
Packing Efficiency 120-180 times/hour
Power Supply 380V/50Hz, 2.3kw
Machine Size(mm) L1426×W720×H925
Weight(KG) About 290 (Depends on pump)
Center Distance(mm) 237
Material 4mm / 304

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