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DZL-320 Automatic Stretching Vacuum Packaging Machine

DZL-320 Automatic Stretching Vacuum Packaging Machine

DZL-320 Automatic Stretching Vacuum Packaging Machine...
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The main technical parameters

Size of Lower Film 322mm
Size of Upper Film 290mm
Size of Mold 320x285mm
Vacuum degree ≤0.5 mbar
Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Gross Power 11kw
Dimensions 4300×930×2030mm

The whole machine control system adopts PLC programmable controller and 9-inch touch screen control. The touch screen adopts push-pull design, which is easy to operate. The temperature control module system has intelligent heating function and precise temperature control.
The film-moving system adopts high-speed and high-precision positioning film design of the inverter, and is controlled by imported photoelectric tracking system, which can cover the color film and ensure the alignment of the color film pattern. Imported 304 stainless steel chain.
The frame body is made of aluminum alloy plate 20mm thick. The distribution box is made of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel plate. The mold is made of cast aluminum alloy, which has high strength and corrosion resistance and meets food hygiene requirements.
The lifting mechanism of the forming and sealing die adopts a pneumatic lever type independent lifting and self-locking system. The mold is a combination of detachable type, which can be easily replaced. The sealing die uses a monolithic silicone gasket. The cast iron plate is integrally cast to make the heating temperature more uniform.
The cross-cutting knife works independently for a single knife, and the computer is centrally controlled. The horizontal knife can be set to open or close on the touch screen.
The upper and lower membranes are equipped with an inductive automatic brake and tight membrane system, and are equipped with a handle-type lateral membrane adjustment device. And the tension of the film can be adjusted at any time.
The waste edge recovery system adopts an adjustable torque type torque motor system to adjust the torque of the waste side recovery motor at any time. Make waste collection easier and simple, and no noise.
The equipment is equipped with warning and protection systems for power phase loss, reverse phase and over voltage, under voltage, leakage, etc., which are convenient for operators to use and adjust. The cross cutter and the slit cutter are all equipped with a safety protection system and equipped with a safety shield. When the fault occurs, the automatic parking protection is provided and the cause of the fault and the treatment method are displayed on the touch screen.
The automatic coding system can also be installed as needed, and the coding position and the number of coding times of the coding system can be adjusted according to the product at any time. And the word is placed between the upper and lower film seals to ensure that the code is not erased during the sterilization and cleaning process after the packaging is completed.
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