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Roller Cleaning Machine

Roller Cleaning Machine

Roller Washing Machine...
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The working principle is that while the bubble is being cleaned, the drum rotates, and the material conveying plate of the inner wall of the drum continuously flips the raw material to make the cleaning more uniform, and the foreign matter adhered to the raw material is discharged from the drum hole, and then discharged from the overflow drain to the washing machine, and the drum is equipped with a spiral The pusher and the pusher push the product out of the drum at a constant speed, and the material is sent out of the washing machine by the discharge hoist. The advantage is that the cleaning speed is adjustable, the cleaning effect is good, and the product is not damaged.
Scope of Application
Mainly clean all kinds of fruits and vegetables, seafood, etc.; varieties include fruits (Xinjiang raisins, dried apricots, jujube, hawthorn, small tomatoes, etc.), kelp, shellfish, fish, beans, etc.
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