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Food Basket Cleaning Machine

Food Basket Cleaning Machine

Food Basket Washing Machine...
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Food basket cleaning machine, plastic basket cleaning machine, plastic tray cleaning machine, turnover basket cleaning machine for turnover industry; food box cleaning machine for food industry; can also be used for washing very dirty chocolate tray, hardware industry can be used for cleaning processing parts Because the cleaning of the basket requires a lot of labor, and the cleanliness of the cleaning has certain limitations. In the interest of the customer, Zhucheng Jinhua Food Machinery Co., Ltd. absorbs the advantages of advanced equipment at home and abroad, and integrates a number of new technologies. The new process of research and development of the turnover box cleaning machine, the basket can be cleaned, disinfected, dried and other processes completed at a time, the new equipment, through the actual use of the majority of users, the equipment for all types of boxes cleaning effect is obvious, greatly improving the cleaning efficiency, Reduce cleaning costs, praised by the majority of users
Food basket cleaning machine, plastic basket cleaning machine, plastic tray cleaning machine, HSBC washing equipment cleaning is divided into three sections, the first section is hot alkaline water, the second section is hot water, and the third section is tap water. In addition to the third section of tap water, the three sections of spray water have independent circulating filtered water tanks. The third section of tap water is used as supplementary water to be recycled to the second section of the tank. After the heating is used, part of the sewage is automatically discharged. The second water tank is provided with a steam heating tube, and the temperature is freely set from normal temperature to 100 ° C, and the temperature is automatically constant.
The first section of the pump power 1.5KW, the second section of the pump power 4.5KW, the third section of the pump power 1.5KW, conveyor belt motor
The power is 0.75KW, and the conveying speed is adjustable from 3-15m/min.
The sides of the cleaning room are movable waterproof doors, and the two ends of the cleaning chamber are sealed and waterproof by soft curtains, which is convenient for cleaning and repairing equipment at any time.
The equipment electric control box is made of stainless steel, all power centralized control
The length of the food basket washing machine is customized according to the customer's needs. The recommended minimum length is 3 meters. If it is too short, the washing effect will be affected.
Food basket cleaning machine: This equipment adopts the design of four-sided high-pressure spray and installs DC nozzle, which has high cleaning efficiency.
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