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Urea prices skyrocket!

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Affected by the rising prices of chemical raw materials, the domestic urea market continued to climb recently. China Wood Information Network learned from the urea network that urea prices in various provinces nationwide continue to increase by RMB 10-90/ton.
 Urea is the main raw material for rubber for sheet metal. After the price of urea rises, the glue for sheet metal will definitely follow the price increase, and the production cost of sheet metal will rise further!


The following is the latest price increase of urea in all parts of the country today.

March 29 mainstream factory price of urea by Region


Mainstream Quote

Price change

Shandong area

Small and medium grain factory reference report 2050-2100 yuan / ton

Linyi market wholesale price of 2130 yuan / ton

Heze market wholesale price 2100-2110 yuan / ton

Today's manufacturers are generally raised 10-20 yuan / ton

Hebei area

Small particle quotes reference 2050-2070 yuan / ton

Some manufacturers offer an increase of 10 yuan / ton

Henan area

Small particle mainstream factory price 2070-2090 yuan / ton

Some manufacturers offer an increase of 20 yuan / ton

Anhui area

Small particle mainstream factory price reference 2100-2150 yuan / ton

Manufacturers offer up 10-40 yuan / ton

Jiangsu area

Mainstream quotation of small and medium granules reference 2100-2120 yuan / ton

Manufacturers offer up 30 yuan / ton

Inner Mongolia

The mainstream transaction of small and medium particles is about 1,900 yuan / ton

Temporary stability

Hubei area

Small particle mainstream offer 2150 yuan / ton

The price is raised by 90 yuan / ton

Guangxi area

Market mainstream wholesale offer 2300 yuan / ton

The price rose by 20-40 yuan / ton

Sichuan area

Small and medium granules factory price 2010-2080 yuan / ton

The price is generally raised by 20-50 yuan / ton

Guangdong area

The size of the mainstream granules into the home price of 2270-2300 yuan / ton

Some prices rose by 20 yuan / ton


As can be seen from the price list, urea prices in the main producing areas of Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Guangxi and other artificial boards have been raised, and the short-term domestic urea market will continue to rise. A brick factory owner who has been in business for 20 years said: The rise will be transmitted to the board with glue, and the rising raw materials will make the meager thinning of the sheet enterprises, such as space, be compressed again. With the recent environmental protection and other events, the price increase of the later plates is inevitable!

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