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ACEALL GROUP (Shandong Aceall Machinery Co., Ltd. ) is located in Weifang City with beautiful scenery, outstanding people and the title of one of the top 100 counties (cities) in the country. It has developed traffic conditions, 90 kilometers away from Jiqing Expressway, and 100 kilometers away from Qingdao Port and Qingdao Liuting International Airport. Kilometers, China's land and sea railway channel - Jiaoxin Railway obliquely penetrated the territory, the geographical position is very advantageous. The company has 120 employees, including 40 technicians, 12 senior technicians, 60 management personnel and 8 management personnel. Strong technical force, well-equipped, design, development, manufacturing capabilities are very powerful.
ACEALL is a professional manufacturer of food processing machinery and packaging machinery. The company has advanced CNC machining equipment and skilled and efficient production team. It has strong design, R&D and manufacturing capabilities. The company is engaged in vacuum packaging machinery with the tenet of “seeking truth, scientific management, pioneering and innovative, sincere service”. Engineering design, complete equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning of series and food processing machinery series.
"Technology is the primary productivity" is the starting point of ACEALL. Always take science and technology as the guide, pay attention to the construction of scientific research team, hold regular academic seminars, hold technical training classes, discuss various difficult problems often encountered in production, discuss the best solutions, and constantly strengthen and research institutions, colleges and universities. The cooperation of colleges and universities introduces advanced management experience, advanced technology and a large number of scientific and technological talents. Pioneering and innovating is the concept of ACEALL. Constantly innovating and developing new products that are closest to users, making them superior in quality, low in price, reasonable in operation, easy to learn, and constantly meeting the requirements of new technologies, new formulations, and new usage environments put forward by users, striving for users and letting users Satisfied, let users create higher economic and social benefits, and obtain more ideal income.
Quality is the life. Pay close attention to product quality, from the purchase of raw materials into the factory, enter the quality management monitoring stage, each process has a special quality inspector, strict quality control, unqualified products are determined not to the next step, strictly enforce ISO9002 Quality assurance system, refine the quality management content, so that each producer has a clear understanding of product quality, to ensure that nothing is lost, and resolutely achieve zero defect factory. Set up a production file, record the relevant responsible persons in detail, and track the results by the microcomputer, without leaving any quality problems.
Reassuring users is our unremitting pursuit. The company has a after-sales service department, with after-sales service hotline; equipped with a professional after-sales service team, and dynamic management of it, 24 hours on duty, at any time to provide users with professional, all-round, high-quality sales Before, during and after sales. For the users who are relatively unfamiliar with the recipe of meat products, we send a special food technologist to guide the door. The device has a faulty telephone notification, and then sends someone to handle it to maximize the satisfaction of the user.
Customer first, honesty and trustworthiness is our business policy. Starting from reality, not figuring out the name, not shouting slogans, and closely combining with the service, it is really operating, so that users feel close, let users feel that our commitment is not an empty talk but is realistic.
Excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service and preferential sales price have brought a huge customer base and good reputation to our company. Longwei Machinery is willing to create a better tomorrow with colleagues from all walks of life.
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